Tuesday, June 15

A Name Can Make or Mar It

You may have adored the legendary statement of William Shakespeare that “What’s in a name?”. But at times a name can put you in trouble, especially when it is a name of a product. While naming a brand or a new launch, it is considerate enough to not harm the sentiments of others humans. This is the case of Germany’s most reputed food company Knorr that is a brain child of Unilever. They have been into business since a century now and hence, its high time to evolve their product names over the course of time.

It All Started with Zigeuner:

Knorr is well known for its spicy and tangy sauce called Zigeuner, which is a staple in most parts of Germany. Ever since its launch in the German market, Knorr has named it as Zigeuner Sauce or the Gypsy Sauce. It is used as a topping essential by the Germans especially over meat. It contains nutritiousingredients like tomatoes, onions and the added spicy flavour comes along with paprika.What seems to have cause a backlash is the name of the product.Zigeuner has a derogatory sense as well.

The Dark History of Zigeuner:

In Greek origin Zigeuner means “Untouchable”. It is a term coined specially for utilizing against the minority sector of the German civilization namely for the Roma and Sinti. They have been into existence since centuries in Germany and have been discriminated ever since. They are considered as the below poverty line group in Germany. Often while hooting against the opponent team and to make them feel as losers this term “Zigeuner” is still used. It is a racist idea to have called someone a Zigeuner. Hence, the term Zigeuner is no less than a notorious term to hurt someone’s sentiments.

Change for A Social Cause:

After several requests for a change in the name of the official name of the sauce, Knorr has allegedly agreed to it and finalized a new name called “Paprika Sauce Hungarian Style”. This change was essential and inevitable intended solely for establishing equal rights of the minority sector of Germany.

Conclusion: Racism is a sensitive social issue that has affected the lives of the backward class. A small modification in an official name can indirectly aid them in raising their voices against injustice. The bigger the name, the greater shall be the social acceptance.