Tuesday, June 15

An Ignition That Altered the Existence of The Masses

An explosion is the most potent method that can murder and injure millions of people in a single shot itself. It is a devastating experience to witness. A blast whether nuclear or non-nuclear may affect a particular country at a specific time, but its effects are observed in the entire globe. Quarter to half of the human race gets wiped out and the ones who survive this deadly incident are left traumatised for lifelong. The effect is seeming as a hierarchical legacy that the offspring receives from his or her parent who has suffered and survived in the blast. Children born in such harassed locations are often defective and differently abled.

A Spine-Chilling Port Explosion:

4th August 2020 shall be marked in the Lebanese history as an agonizing day as the port of Beirut the capital of Lebanon was tortured with a non-nuclear blast. It was the most powerful and devasting event that that the potency to shaking up the entire world. The Lebanese residents around the port were taken by a storm as around 177 lost their lives, while 6,000 casualties were reported. Approximately 300,000 people were left homeless as there was a major property destruction as well.

Beirut Explosion

The Beginning of The End:

In the year 2014, the Lebanese government had confiscated around 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate from a deserted ship called MV Rhosus and stored it carelessly in the port of Beirut. This was the emergence of the 2020 Beirut Port Explosion. Ammonium nitrate is a salt of ammonia and nitrogen that is used intensively for production of fertilizers and explosives. Despite containing such vital knowledge, the Lebanese government stored the entire confiscated material in the port of Beirut. As a consequence, several people left their lives or witnessed their loved ones biding adieu.

The sound generated in the Beirut Port Explosion was heard 250 kms away from the port in the cities of Turkey, Syria, Israel and multiple parts of Europe. This incident wasn’t inevitable, the storage of ammonium nitrate with sufficient safety measures considered could have saved a million lives. Death is not the only loss; survivals of such events have no place to go and start a new life. It is high time to understand that each and every life is important and its survival lies in the hands of the government. Safety comes first, always.