Tuesday, June 15

Nature Hits Back on The Existence of Humans

Experiments intended for the benefit of humans and nature never have an adverse effect on existence of the human race. But, when the knowledge of science is used for devastating reasons, the effects are deadly and unavoidable. COVID 19 is an epic example for the same. It is a pandemic that has left no stone unturned to affect each and every individual in the world. You may not be affected with the disease, but to avoid contracting the disease, one has to quarantine himself. It’s like staying in a home arrest for several months hoping to see a brighter future.

A Battle with The Invisible:

Corona Virus is a deadly virus that doesn’t have a vaccine yet. It affects the respiratory tract to cause a hindered breathing process. Over 20 million plus cases has taken place in the entire globe, with several people losing the battle against this disease. People with a low immune response are pretty vulnerable to COVID 19. Despite the threat, several doctors and police officials helped people recover and avoid the spread of corona virus. The humane side of humans is rising again after facing such incidents. People provided food and sanitizers to the needy. Sanitizers have gain utmost recognition post the outbreak of COVID 19.

Corona Virus

The Rise of The Invincible:

It all started when the first corona virus casualty was reported on 17th November 2019, in Wuhan a city of Hubei province of China. After this incident Wuhan become a hotspot of corona virus disease and people visiting places around the world from Wuhan would leave the virus as a mark to pass it on to other people. On 31st December 2019, WHO was reported regarding the spread of corona virus and soon COVID 19 was declared as a pandemic. Maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask while outside were the sole methods of saving yourself and others from this inevitable virus.

Despite the health effects of corona virus, it has successfully been able to bring us closer to our family. We now have more time to spend with our family members. We have realized the importance of being healthy and unaffected. The sympathy that we developed for animals of being trapped in zoos is due to corona virus. Cleanliness and hygiene have gained the epitome position in our minds. Everything happens for a reason, a great one.