Tuesday, June 15

The Vindictive and Thriving Spirit of The Cosmos

Irrespective of the effect of the spread of corona virus disease on humans, it seems to have an optimistic result on the environment. Lockdowns intended for benefiting humans indirectly helped mother nature heal itself. The largest hole in the ozone layer could finally heal and repair itself as a result of reduction in pollution. Nature finds ways to heal and protect itself if we don’t carry out our most prominent duty of protecting the environment. We thrive as a result of the thriving spirit of nature. We need environment to continue our survival, mother nature doesn’t need us.

How Will Corona Virus Impact Climate Change?

COVID 19 is a pandemic that has affected the entire globe. Started at a small-scale level, it soon become a prominent part of our lives. As a consequence of the alarming spread of this disease, and to disrupt its thriving execution, lockdowns were imposed worldwide. This eventually resulted in the maximum lot staying indoors and an abrupt fall in air pollution was witnessed. The carbon dioxide levels also decreased for the benefit of the environment. Global warming has also considerable reduced. Corona virus seems to impose a positive impact on the environment.

Corona Virus Lockdown

Animals Remained Unaffected:

Corona Virus makes only humans its host to reside within. Hence, animals remained unaffected and continued living a normal life. They could breathe in fresh air and organic air as oxygen levels had become better. The air was free from toxic gases that affects the nervous system and other vital organs. Water reservoirs remined unpolluted as work was on a halt during the COVID 19 era. People started off working from home, thus maintaining a steady pace of improvising climate health. COVID 19 may have some short-term ill effects but it has a long-term life leverage effect.

Conclusion: “As you sow, so shall you reap”, this proverb holds relevance in today’s times. What you give to mother nature, you receive it back in some way or the other. The outbreak of corona virus was essential for stabilizing the environment. Climate changes were becoming inevitable and life threatening. The daily hustle and bustle of the city lives made us forget the importance of environment in our lives. This sudden halt in our lives gave each one of us ample amount of time to think and respond in a way that benefits the existence of humans along side nature. Mother nature always wins.