Wednesday, April 21

Let’s Get Back to Being Humans

Racism is one of the major social concerns that haunt the hearts of people with more melanin content in their cells. Discrimination on the basis of skin color is a brutal and uneasy fact to digest. The white has always had an upper hand in history as well. It is till date considered that fairness reciprocates royalty and power. Racism is the primary cause why some people can’t accept themselves the way they are born and undergo skin lighting and whiting treatments in order to fit in into the so-called man-made beauty standards. If you aren’t fair, you aren’t beautiful.

Racism, A Sin and Racist, A Sinner:

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but certain beholders go a little overboard with their personalized beauty criteria. The shroud and brutal behavior have increased abruptly against the black community. Due to the alarming increase of racism all over the global, certain people commenced taking stands against this social stigma and started off with the Black Lives Matter Movement. It is a civil disobedience movement initiated in America and which was recently reignited on the callous killing of George Floyd in America.

Black Lives Matter Demonstration

The Rise of The Suppressed:

The Black Lives Matter Movement gave new faith to the black community that humanity still persists. Their unheard voices were finally taken into consideration. Large mob of people would gather on the streets with candles and posters in protest of the unjust and unlawful killing of the black sector. The followers of racism have made it nearly impossible for the co-existence of the white and black communities. Ever since humans were born, they were racists. Racism is a thought that is processed in the minds of individuals that can be controlled and modified. We need not become victims of the existing societal norms and stereotypes.

Conclusion: Our skin color is a result of inheritance of genes by our parents. It isn’t under anyone’s control. Your skin color inheritance is inevitable. Your skin color doesn’t define who you are and what shall you be. Each individual of the planet is born with the same level of intelligence and a sense of aesthetic. In the recent times, animals have become more humane than human themselves. Now is the time to rise up and voice up against the unjust. Social stigmas existence not because of the noise of the unjust, but because of the silence of the victims.