Tuesday, June 15

The Diamond Jubilee of The End of The Living Sphere

In the world history there have been two wars that changed the dynamics of the entire world. The wars based on the concept of superciliousness and pride, led to the bloodshed of millions of soldiers and civilians. In the race of winning the supreme title, countrymen’s life was on stake. Nearly each and every European nation along with America were the combatants of the Second World War. This war that lasted for 6 protracted years ended with the end of the empire of ruthless European Kings. Continents like Asia and Africa were also a remote part of the war as they were under reign of the British Dynasty.

Years Passed but The Outcome Stills Lingers

The Second World War lasted from 1st September 1939 to 2nd September 1945. The month of September 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of WW2. Its been 75 years since the termination of this awful event, but its memories still linger around the world. Post the Second World War, the world witnessed a huge modification in development. Kings and Emperors were replaced by governments meant for the people and set by the people themselves. Underdeveloped Asian and African countries were set free and they soon achieved their freedom post WW2. A revolutionary judiciary system was formulated.


A Lesson Learned and Taught

The world understood the importance of co-existence. The domination of whites over the blacks was finally terminated post WW2. The 75th Anniversary of WW2 not only marks the end of a hideous event of also marks the beginning of a new era. It has been 75 years since human invasion and intervention into foreign regions terminated. The world was united as a single working body with its own set of protocols and customs to follow. WW2 improvised the thought processes of humans of being superior than the rest. It inculcated a new idea equality and freedom.

WW2 had some adverse effects on millions of lives, but their bloodshed led to the beginning of the new era. As a gesture of respect, remember these immortal souls on the 75th Anniversary of WW2. It is the golden jubilee of a spine-chilling occurrence of the past that has become a prominent happening while speaking regarding the world history. Certainly, World Wars have added some spice to our world history, giving some extra knowledge to learn, recall and remember.